US Patent Office issues Patent on E-Beam Based Salmonella Vaccine

The UPTO has issued the US Patent 8,173,139 B1 for “High energy Electron Beam Irradiation for the Production of Immunomodulators in Poultry” on May 8, 2012.  This patent was based on work performed at the National Center for Electron Beam Research at Texas A&M University. The patent is on the idea of using E-Beam irradiation to develop vaccines against S.Typhimurium and S. Enteriditis. These two pathogens are pathogens that are of high concern to the poultry industry worldwide.  The inventors on the patent are scientists belonging to the USDA-ARS in College Station (Jack McReynolds) and Texas A&M University (Suresh Pillai).

Posted 5/55/12

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