Dr. Suresh Pillai Awarded Grant

Dr. Suresh PillaiDr. Suresh Pillai was awarded a grant of $242,902 from the Texas A&M AgriLife Water Seed Grant Program for the research project “Significant Expansion of Water Reuse using Electron Beam (eBeam) Technology.  Co-PIs for this grant include Bill Batchelor (Civil Engineering) and Yongheng Huang (Biological and Agricultural Engineering).  Electron beam (eBeam) technology is the most inexpensive approach of rapidly generating high concentrations of free radicals. The incorporation of eBeam technology into water reclamation projects will help exploit the ability to generate high concentrations of free radicals to open up innovative commercially-viable solutions of value in water reclamation projects. The incorporation of eBeam technology in the technology “tool box”  to design the water reclamation facility of the future will result in i) significant increase the production volumes of high quality reclaimed water, ii) economically sustainable water reclamation and water reuse projects, ii) ecologically sustainable water reclamation facilities and reuse projects.  Congratulations!!


Posted 2/6/14

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