Marie-Cecile van de Lavoir, DVM, PhD to Present Two Seminars

The Department of Poultry Science in conjunction with Texas Agrilife Research, Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine and the TAMU Institute for Genome Sciences and Society are sponsoring two seminars by Dr. Marie-Cecile van de Lavoir, DVM, PhD

Thursday May 25th – 12:30 PM in 126 Kleberg (lunch provided)
“Manipulating the germline in birds:  Production of transgenic chickens”

Dr. van de Lavoir has extensive expertise in embryo manipulation and the development & genetic manipulation of pluripotent cell lines in a variety of species. During the last 15 years she has created a cell based system to generate transgenic chickens and has co-founded Crystal Biosciences, a company focused on antibody discovery in chickens.
Her seminar will focus on primordial germ cells and how these cells are genetically modified and used to generate transgenic chickens. In addition, she will present how the germline in birds can be manipulated to advance species conservation.

Friday May 26th from 11 -12 Noon in 124 Cater-Matill
“Human antibodies from chickens:  A new path for therapeutic antibody discovery”
Dr. van de Lavoir, is part of a team at Crystal Bioscience that has created the world’s first HuMab chicken. Her seminar will focus on the generation of these HuMab birds and the unique characteristics of the antibodies.
Transgenic rodents producing human sequence antibodies are widely accepted as a reliable source of therapeutic candidates. However, their repertoires are limited by their evolutionary similarity to humans. Crystal Bioscience has expanded the repertoire of transgenic animals by engineering HuMab chickens producing fully human sequence, high affinity mAbs. In addition to revealing novel epitopes and, therefore novel IP, the Crystal Platform yields mAbs recognizing murine homologues of human antigens that facilitate pre-clinical studies.

Please contact Dr. Rosemary Walzem for more information about meeting with Dr. van de Lavoir or participating in technique training.

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