Dr. Tri Duong Completes the AgriLife Advanced Leaders Program

Congratulations to Dr. Tri Duong for being the latest graduate of the AgriLife Advanced Leaders Program! The Poultry Science Department is the only unit in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that has had a faculty member participate in all cohorts of the program.

Cohort I – Dr. Rosemary Walzem – https://agrilife.org/leaders/cohort-iii/cohort1/rosemary-walzem/

Cohort II – Dr. David Caldwell – https://agrilife.org/leaders/cohort-iii/cohorts/david-j-caldwell/

Cohort III – Dr. Christine Alvarado – https://agrilife.org/leaders/cohort-iii/cohort-iii/christine-alvarado/

Cohort IV – Dr. Tri Duong – https://agrilife.org/leaders/tri-duong/

Cohort V – Dr. Craig Coufal – Started February 2018

The AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program is a 2 year cohort initiative that focuses on leadership skills and experience, building upon participants’ current and future roles.  Aimed at those who are interested in developing a variety of leadership roles, the program also provides a greater understanding of The Texas A&M System, and the land–grant mission. Interaction with administrators, leadership professionals, and peers allows participants experiences and tools to enhance their effectiveness as leaders. As a result, knowledge of both College and agency–specific issues are deepened, as is knowledge of relevant international, national, and state topics.

Core Competencies:

Identifying and Building Relationships
Recognizing and Developing a Professional Leadership Plan
Learning Strategies for Professional Communication
Establishing Vision, Ethics, and Integrity
Managing Power and Influence
Solving Problems Creatively
Fostering Conflict Resolution and Managing Change
Valuing Diversity

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