Dr. Luc Berghman Recognized at the 2018 Patent and Innovations Award Luncheon

From L to R: Dr. Mark A. Barteau, Vice President for Research, Dr. Luc Berghman, and Brett L. Cornwell, Executive Director for Texas A&M Technology Commercialization

Dr. Luc Berghman was recognized for his accomplishments during the 2018 Patent and Innovations Award Luncheon which was held on Thursday, May 5, 2018. This event was put on by the Texas A&M University System Office of Technology Commercialization and spotlights the patents and PVP’s issued to TAMU faculty during 2017.  The patent of which Dr. Berghman was a co-inventor describes compositions and methods of enhancing immune responses against Eimeria sp. and methods of reducing morbidity associated with coccidiosis in chickens.

Patent # US 9,603,915 B2 Mar. 28, 2017. Compositions and methods of enhancing immune responses to Eimeria or limiting Eimeria infection

Inventors: Barta, J.R., Berghman, L.R., Shivaramaiah, S., Faulkner, O.B., Bielke, L.R., and Hargis, B.
Abstract: Vaccine vectors and methods of using the vaccine vectors to enhance the immune response to an Apicomplexan parasite and reduce the morbidity or morbidity associated with subsequent infection are provided herein. The vaccine vectors include a polynucleotide encoding a Rhomboid polypeptide and optionally include an immune-stimulatory polypeptide suitably expressed on the surface of the vaccine vector.

Congratulations Dr. Berghman!

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