Minoring in Poultry Science

A Poultry Science Minor requires a minimum of sixteen credit hours of Poultry Science courses along with the approval of Poultry Science and the student’s major department. If interested, please schedule an appointment with one of the Poultry Science Academic Advisors by email or phone.

Entry Requirements

Academic Prerequisites:
• 2.0 overall GPA

Application Process:
• No application required, but must get approval from POSC Academic Advisors

Academic Requirements

• C or better in each course

Required Poultry Science courses (total 7 credit hours)

POSC 201 – General Avian Science
POSC 309 – Poultry Meat Production

Additional Poultry Science Courses (minimum of 9 credit hours)
    Select 3 out of the following 9 courses

POSC 308 – Avian Anatomy and Physiology
POSC 313 – Game Birds and Ornamental Fowl
POSC 319 – Breeder and Hatchery Management
POSC 326 – Commercial Egg Industry
POSC 333 – Instincts and Behavior
POSC 405/FSTC405 – Egg and Poultry Meat Processing
POSC 406/FSTC 406 – Poultry Further Processing
POSC 411 – Poultry Nutrition
POSC 414 – Avian Genetics and Breeding
POSC 427 – Animal Waste Management
POSC 429 – Advanced Food Bacteriology
POSC 489 – Special Topics in…
VTPB 334 – Poultry Diseases

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