Poultry Meat Production Certificate


01/24/23 – UPDATE:  The updating of four courses has proven much more time-consuming than we had anticipated. The two major issues that we are dealing with are copyright of the images used and ADA compliance. So we are now hoping to be back online sometime in late August or early September 2023. We will reach out to students who were working on the certificate when it was taken down as we get closer to releasing the program with more details on how they can complete their certificate. If you are interested in the certificate when it becomes available, please contact Dr. Nelson to be notified.

We are placing the Poultry Meat Production Certificate Program on hold for the Fall 2021 Semester. The learning management system (eCampus) that we have been using since the start of the PMPC program will be decommissioned on January 21, 2021. So, we are having to migrate the 4 courses used for this certificate program from eCampus to a new learning management system. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to download from the old LMS and upload it to the new LMS without touching each file that will be used in each course. Therefore, we have made the decision not to open registration for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester.  If all goes well, we will have all four courses ready to go by the start of the Spring 2022 semester in mid-January.  On a positive note, the new system will allow us to make all four courses available on demand year-round, so students will not need to wait for a specific semester to take a course like it is currently.


What is the Poultry Meat Production Certificate Program?
The Poultry Meat Production Certificate program is a non-transcripted online certificate program in Poultry Science in the area of Poultry Meat Production.  This program is designed for those individuals who are seeking to increase their knowledge about poultry meat production. The certificate requires the satisfactory completion of four poultry science courses.  TAMU Students who are currently pursuing or have already earned a BS in Poultry Science are not eligible to receive this certificate.

Courses for this certificate include:

General Avian Sciences – Introduction to the poultry industry to include past, present and future industry dynamics; avian anatomy/physiology as they impact commercial production; management principles and practices of breeding, incubation, brooding, nutrition, disease control and marketing technology.

Poultry Meat Production – Modern integrated broiler and turkey production; housing and equipment, flock health, pest control, grower relations, marketing and financial management.

Breeder & Hatchery Management – Housing and equipment, incubation technology, embryology, nutrition and flock health.

Animal Waste Management – An applied approach to current and emerging issues relating to responsible management of animal waste; the role of biological aspects of production management decisions evaluated in an examination of regulatory and environmental requirements; current case studies and exposure to field situations.

All courses are taught by members of the Poultry Science faculty and are completely online.


Have specific questions?
For specific questions regarding the Poultry Meat Production certificate and courses, please contact:

Jill Nelson, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor
Distance Education Coordinator
Phone:  979.847.7342
email: jill.nelson@ag.tamu.edu

Our mailing address is:
Texas A&M University
Poultry Science Department
101 Kleberg Center
College Station, Texas 77843-2472


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