Poultry Science Double Major

Double Major in Poultry Science
Offered by the Poultry Science Department
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Poultry Science Double Major Form, Updated 2022
The double major in Poultry Science is available to all students enrolled at Texas A&M University. The main educational goal of this program is to provide students, with an interest in gaining knowledge of various fields within the poultry and allied industry. The courses listed below represent the 29 hours required for a double major in Poultry Science.
Required Courses (29 hours):

• POSC 201 – General Avian Science (3 credit hours) Fall, Spring, and Summer
• POSC 302 – General Avian Science Lab (1 credit hour) Fall and Spring
• POSC 309 – Poultry Meat Production (4 credit hours) Fall and Spring
• POSC 308 – Avian Anatomy & Physiology (3 credit hours) Fall and Spring
• POSC 319 – Breeder and Hatchery Management (3 credit hours) Fall and Spring
• POSC 326 – Commercial Egg Industry (3 credit hours) Fall
• POSC 405 – Egg and Poultry Meat Processing (3 credit hours) Fall
• POSC 411 – Poultry Nutrition (3 credit hours) Fall
• POSC 414 – Avian Genetics and Breeding (3 credit hours) Fall
• POSC 427 – Animal Waste Management (3 credit hours) Fall

Double Major Requirements:
• Students interested in adding Poultry Science as a Double Major, must establish a 2.5 Overall GPA in order to pursue the double major.
• Students must complete POSC 201 with a grade of a C or better to declare a Poultry Science Double Major.

Double major requests for undergraduate students are initiated by the academic advisor in the Kleberg Advising Hub. Mrs. Kristina Rosati (Kristina.rosati@ag.tamu.edu) is your primary contact for adding a POSC Double Major to your academic record. Any student wishing to add a second major should visit with the academic advisor of the major they would like to add as well as their primary academic advisor.
Successful completion of the double major will be certified by a degree audit during the semester of the student’s graduation. The double major will be recognized on the student’s transcript and diploma.

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