Poultry Science Enhancement Fund

Although the Department of Poultry Science at Texas A&M University was not officially formed until 1923, there was an identifiable poultry program as early as 1910. It has occupied a series of research stations but has evolved into a completely centralized faculty and facility located on the College Station campus. This centralization has facilitated collaboration between faculty and provided a single point resource for clientele.
Our mission is to be a leading source for the discovery and dissemination of information, technology, and experience to students, the poultry industry, and society. We strive to accomplish this through programs that:

  • Facilitate the positive interaction between the poultry industry, society, and the environment .
  • Ensure a safe supply of poultry products for consumers.
  • Maximize societal and industrial benefits from molecular sciences.
  • Provide accurate, objective information about poultry care and well-being for the development of appropriate decisions and policies.
  • Enhance the value and quality of poultry products through better processes and ingredients.
  • Continued excellence in all of our educational programs.

The Texas A&M Foundation has developed a convenient method for you to help the Poultry Science Department as we strive for excellence. You can now use your credit card to give gifts ($25 to $25,000) directly to our Poultry Science Enhancement Fund which is used to support the Poultry Science Center Enhancement Initiative, student recruiting, and research tools. Just go to the website http://give.am/SupportPoultryScience (no www in front). Fill in required information and input the amount and type (one-time or reoccurring) of gift. A comment box is provided for you to leave any special instructions or comments you may have. In Step 2, fill in your contact information and be sure to check the Employer Gift Matching list for your employer as many companies have generously agreed to match charitable donations of their employees which magnifies your impact. In Step 3, complete your secure online donation by inputting your credit card information and receive confirmation of your gift in Step 4.  The Texas A&M Foundation will credit your gift to the Poultry Science Enhancement Fund and will mail you a receipt. You have our assurance that your gifts will be used efficiently. Your help will make a difference.

The FarmOne of the department’s landmarks and most vital resources is the Poultry Science Research, Teaching, and Extension Center. “The Farm” as it is often referred to, is located on campus, less than a mile from the Kleberg Center. It provides excellent facilities for all aspects of the production and processing of poultry, meat, and eggs. It also houses two classrooms and a demonstration pavilion.  The Poultry Science Center at Texas A&M University plays host year round to a multitude of people engaged in all aspects of poultry. Judging and show poultry contests, workshops, and student events are well attended by over 1,000 students, ag teachers, and parents utilizing the facility annually.

Due to the high level of student and user group traffic, and the expanding opportunities to highlight the facility for demonstrations and research, the department is embarking on an initiative to enhance and expand the resources available at the farm. The Poultry Science Center remains a focal point for poultry industry interactions and also serves as a showcase facility for products and equipment. Your interest and support of this project will allow us to continue our tradition of strong poultry science teaching, and research.  Suggested methods of giving to Texas A&M include cash gifts, in kind donations, pledges, matching gifts, credit card via the web, securities, and real estate.

Kyle Brock ’96, Director of Development 

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