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Beginning in the spring of 2005, the Poultry Science Department implemented a new undergraduate student program called the Aggie Leadership Council. The purpose of this group is to encourage leadership throughout the student body of the department as well as student representation at recruiting functions and poultry industry events. This group of students helps with the promotion of poultry science while enjoying the activities that are included. In Fall 2021 we felt the time was right for a name change in order to credit their connection to Poultry Science. The group is now called the Aggie Poultry Ambassadors (APA).



Selection Process:ALC 2
Aggie Poultry Ambassadors are selected by the organizing and advisory committee on an annual basis. Each year’s new members will be announced at the Departmental Banquet each spring. Members will be selected based upon the following criteria:

  • Leadership ability
  • Classroom and departmental conduct
  • Extracurricular and community activities
  • Scholastic achievement/accomplishments
  • Demonstrated experience with judging contests and events
  • Industry networking experience

Mandatory Requirements for Consideration:

  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPR
  • Completion of 4 hours of POSC courses (Note: an applicant may be enrolled in 4 hours of POSC courses at the time of application, but all courses must be completed on a satisfactory basis prior to being admitted as a member of the council).
  • Must be able to attend a monthly meeting (meeting dates and times are determined by group availability).
  • Must be willing and able to attend a majority of the events that APA participates in.
  • Each member will be held accountable for attending APA events in order to maintain membership in the organization.

APA Activities:ALC Booth

The Aggie Poultry Ambassadors.  (APA) serves as our departmental ambassadors. They play a huge role in new student recruitment and educating youth across the state on the poultry industry. They maintain an active presence at livestock shows, judging contests, and the Texas FFA Convention. In addition, APA upholds a strong relationship with leaders in the commercial and allied poultry industries. They represent us at several regional and statewide industry meetings and events. One of the most important tasks APA members are responsible for is attending and motivating other students to attend the wingbandings. All wingbandings serve as a major fundraiser for APA and the Poultry Science Club. The following activities are the major events that APA participates in throughout the year.

  • APA Semester Retreats:
    • Held the Week Before Each Semester
    • Mandatory planning meetings and leadership training for APA members
  • Wingbandings:
    • Happen Year-Round
    • Usually occurs on Thursdays
    • Recruitment Events:
      • Poultry Institute for Youth
      • Texas FFA Convention
      • Aggieland Saturday
      • Major Poultry Shows
        ie. San Antonio, Houston, and Austin
      • Poultry Judging Contests
  • Poultry Industry Events:
    • Egg Clinic
    • Texas Poultry Federation Annual Meeting
    • Broiler Symposium
    • TAMU Poultry Science Weekend
  • Educational Programs for Youth:
    • As requested
    • Educate youth on poultry through presentations and activities
    • Brazos County Pizza Ranch

2020-2022 Ambassadors


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