Market Poultry Workshop – Raising Chickens for 4-H and FFA

Are you raising chickens or other poultry for 4-H or FFA? Join Texas A&M poultry experts as they walk you through a series of videos related to the rearing of poultry for youth livestock shows in Texas.

You will have access to the videos immediately after purchase. After viewing the 2.5 hours of videos, you will also have the opportunity to join Dr. Greg Archer and Dr. Craig Coufal for a live virtual Q&A! The link to the webinar will be provided inside the course with more instructions to follow.

Video presentations include:

  • Getting your project set up before you get your birds
  • The importance of housing design and ventilation
  • How lighting impacts your birds
  • Feeding show poultry throughout the project
  • Wing bands and exhibitor validation for livestock shows in Texas
  • Raising show turkeys and the differences between broilers and turkeys
  • Culling and selection of market poultry
  • Biosecurity and bird health

To register click here: TBA





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