Avian Influenza Information
Texas Response and Containment Plan for Notifiable Avian Influenza
HPAI Biosecurity Checklist – USDA 2015
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Brochure (TAHC)
En Español: Influenza Aviar Altamente Patogénica (TAHC)
Biosecurity For Poultry – Powerpoint Slides
Avian Influenza and Biosecurity Practices (PS-006)
Gripe aviar y prácticas de bioseguridad (EPS-006S)

Links to other sources of information about AI:
Texas Animal Health Commission
USDA – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
USDA – APHIS – Biosecurity For Birds website

Egg to Chick

Tips for a Successful Hatch
Egg to Chick Project List
Eggs to Chick: Classroom Experiments
Making a Brooder for Newly Hatched Eggs

Getting Started With Show Broilers (L-5537)
How to Produce Broilers and Roasters for Show (EPS012)
Producing Turkeys for Show (PS-5145)
Nutrition and Feeding of Show Poultry (L-5159)
Poultry Questions and Answers (L-5323)
Hatching Eggs in the Classroom – A Teacher’s Guide (E-635)
Tips for a Successful Hatch (EPS-003)
Basic Feeding Plan for Market Poultry

Game Birds
Flight Quail Production – The Science of Commercially Producing Quality Isolation-Reared Flight Quail
Japanese Quail – Coturnix (JPQUAIL)
Biosecurity of Exotic Fowl (L-5087)
Emu Production
Ostrich Production
The Incubation of Ratite Eggs (L-5166)

Small and Backyard Flocks
Poultry Disease Manual
Selecting Laying Breeds for Backyard Poultry (EPS-010)
The Home Broiler Flock (L-1247)
The Small Laying Flock (PS-5250)
Chicken Breeds and the Colors of Their Eggs
Raising Guinea Fowl (L-519)
Small Poultry Flocks (N-2262)
Questions and Answers About Poultry and Salmonella

Using Poultry Products / Food Safety / Microbiology

Egg Safety Bulletin – Fall 2010
Designing Eggs for Better Nutrition (L-5178)
Enjoy Easter Eggs Safely (L-5086)

Serving Poultry Safely

Prepare Poultry Meat Safely (L-5004)
Enjoy Poultry Meat Safely (L-5088)
Grilling Outdoors Safely (L-5005)

Cutting Up Poultry
Broiler Chicken Deboning (B-1605)
Boneless Breast of Chicken (L-1797)
Chicken Cut-Up: Family Style (L-1798)
Chicken Cut-Up: Commercial Style (L-1799)

Turkey Information

Deep-Fried Turkey (L-5382)
Carving the Family Turkey (L-1707)
Purchasing and Using Turkey Products (L-1415)

Poultry Statistics
Economic Impact of the Texas Poultry Industry (updated 11/2010) (L-5214)

Poultry Processing
Tender Texas Chicken (B-1573)
Processing Poultry at Home (B-1383)

Other Areas of Interest  
Curing and Smoking Poultry (L-1664)
Freezing Poultry for Home Use (L-5090)
The Omelet Event (L-1732)
Cost and Yield Comparisons of Ready-to-Cook Chicken Products (L-2290)

Poultry Production and Managemen
Poultry Disease Manual
Incubating and Hatching Eggs (EPS-001)
Conditioning Standard Bred Poultry and Bantams for the Show Room (MP-1066)
Biosecurity Guidelines in English and Spanish (BIOSEC)
Poultry Facility Biosecurity (L-5182)
Managing Nuisance Odor and Dust from Poultry Growing Operations (L-5401)
Pest Control (PCONTROL)
Texas Poultry Pest Control Practices (B-6065)
Poultry Pest Management (B-1088)
Managing External Parasites of Texas Livestock and Poultry (B-1306)
Fire Ants and Their Management (B-1536)
Dead Poultry Disposal (L-5217)
In-house Windrow Composting (EPS-005)

Valentine’s Printables
Valentine’s – Nugs & Kisses
Valentine’s – Bag Tags
Valentine’s – Chicken You Out
Valentine’s – No Yolk

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