PT03 – TVMDL Poultry Form

This form is required for all intrastate market poultry shows.

1. This form (PT03) will be furnished by the hatchery, from which chicks or poults were purchased at the time of delivery, this website, or the Poultry Programs Administrator for the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) office.

2. Hatchery will also furnish a hatchery invoice and either one copy of the NPIP-VS form 9-3 or a copy of their Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Form.

3. County Agent, Vocational Agriculture Teacher or Poultry Superintendent certifying poultry show entries will need to fill out this form and return to Poultry Programs Administrator TVMDL office 30 days prior to show date by mail, fax, or e-mail. A list of student’s name with hatchery source and date of purchase may be attached to the PT03 form and please indicate “Attached List” on the PT03 Form.

4. All youth planning entries of broilers, capons, or turkeys should be listed on this form. List individual purchases as well as “group” purchases. If a “group” purchase is made, list each individual receiving chicks or poults from the “group” purchase. Please indicate for each entry whether it is broiler, capon, or turkey.

5. When the form is completed, send all documents to the Poultry Programs Administrator TVMDL office. All individuals listed on the form for that particular show will be approved provided they have purchased poultry from an approved source. All copies of the approved form will then be sent to the appropriate offices.

6. If the chicks or poults from a purchase will be shown at more than one show, please complete an additional PT03 form for each show in which individuals may participate.

7. For information concerning this form or the NPIP’s relationship to the Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Law, contact:

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
Mr. Joseph Essler
Poultry Programs Administrator
P. O. Box Drawer 3040
College Station, TX 77841-3040
Phone: (979) 845- 4186
Fax: (979) 845- 1794


Instructions for Completed PT103 Form

PT03 Form

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